Our progress

Initial drop

Our first collection drop went smoothly and without hiccups.

Rarity Rankings

We have collaborated with multiple platforms to release our rarity rankings.

Jail Turtles

To escape OpenSea’s gulag, Jail Turtles were free to mint for all holders


Staking contract, audited, and published.


An ERC-20 token has been created for our holders.

Game development started

We have started developing game designs for holders only

Looking ahead

Our plan for the future of this project is to develop a cool, but simple game for our holders. Currently, the game is in early development. The start to the development has been very slow due to a couple of mistakes on our side. Firstly, we have tried to develop the game with our inhouse developer, who does not have much experience with game development. Afterward, we have started looking for game development teams, but that took quite longer than expected. Our initial idea was to create a simple racing game so that turtles could compete with each other. Our ecosystem token will be incorporated into the game.

We will have a community vote by the end of Q2, where we will showcase multiple templates we have came up with, and holders will be able to express their preferences. The expected game release will be around Q3 or Q4 2022, however, these dates might change as game development is quite complex and unforeseen errors will likely hinder our progress.